Sep 23, 2014

Musical Procrastination #8: Batman and Discussing David Arnold

Musical Procrastination is back with its 8th episode! This time the hosts discuss the music of all the Batman films. For the composer focus this time is James Bond and Sherlock composer David Arnold!

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Sep 20, 2014

Episode 168: Anna Graves is back to talk Clone Wars and more!

Anna Graves returns to the show for best interview yet! Right away we talk Star Wars The Clone Wars, roles she played in The Lost Missions and what that show meant to her. Also in the discussion we tall about what she is currently up to, traits and aspects of voice-over, baby roars, and of course more Star Wars. This may be her third time but it is for us, her best interview yet!

Sep 13, 2014

Episode 167: Salt Lake Comic Con a Bombad Recap and Guest Extravaganza!

We're back from Salt Lake Comic Con! In episode 167 we recap the Con featuring interviews with Craig Parker (Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings), Veronica Taylor (Ash from Pokemon), Kris and Dave from Cyanide and Happiness, WETA Digital, Umbrella Corp, and so much more! Hear us discuss Video Games Live, our love for video games, comics, and movies as well as future guests soon to be on the show! As always its a must listen to episode of Bombad Radio!

Sep 9, 2014

Episode 166: Sam Witwer Panel Salt Lake Comic Con


The order which Star Wars should be watched, what to start your kids on when it comes to Star Wars; stories from Smallville, Battlestar Galactica, his role as Ocean Master in the new DC Animated Universe Justice League film Aquaman opposite Matt Lanter, The Force Unleashed, tons of awesome voices, and more! This and more from the Sam Witwer panel posted by Full of Sith's Bryan Young September 4 at Salt Lake Comic Con!

Sep 6, 2014

Episode 165: A Taste of Salt Lake Comic Con


Episode 165 is a live recording with Jeremiah from Salt Lake Comic Con as he recounts the adventures he's had so far, guests he's interviewed, teases future episodes and more! Listen to us live from Salt Lake Comic Con!

Sep 2, 2014

September Free-For-All with Assembly of Geeks and Get Your Geek On


Its the September Free-For-All and your host James has assembled another panel of internet all-stars to discuss everything from Star Wars Rebels to Jake Lloyd and everything inbetween. For Septembers panel we have James (your host), Scott Murray (Assembly of Geek) and David Gremillion (Get Your Geek On).

About the Guests:
David Gremillion: Is the host of fellow Star Wars and more podcast Get Your Geek On. He also is admin of the Star Wars Geeks of the World Unite group and author of the rewritten Star Wars Prequels (fanfiction) starting with Star Wars Awakenings. The third and final book of his trilogy Star Wars Episode III: Hunted is set to be released sometime later 2014.
Scott Murray: has hosted The Critic Show and Beyond the Screens. Now he is the host of Assembly of Geeks and Talking With Hollywood. He has a personal blog called BigDamnFanboy and is also on twitter @MrScottMurray

Aug 30, 2014

Episode 164: Tim Rose on The Muppets, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and more!


This week on Episode 164 of Bombad Radio we have Tim Rose, puppeteer extraordinaire! You know him from Star Wars mainly return of the Jedi where he was Admiral Ackbar and Salacious Crumb (among many) and the Muppets where he worked with Jim Hensen on the Muppet Show and the films from The Great Muppet Caper through Muppet Treasure Island and more! Add in his work on The Dark Crystal, Labrynth, Return to Oz, Howard the Duck, and even the newest season and episode of Doctor Who: Deep Breath with Peter Capaladi and we have a guest of such great magnitude we cant even believe it! 

For more information on Tim Rose and his work, check out his website found at: To Support Bombad Radio please use our Amazon Link and purchase all your Star Wars collectibles for a great price all while supporting us!

Aug 23, 2014

Episode 163: Sci-Fi ‘Nobility’ and Star Wars greatness with E.J. De La Pena and Cas Anvar - Remember the Creed!

Episode 163 is here  after our little break! This episode we feature the upcoming science fiction series 'Nobility' by having its producer and founder. E.J. De La Pena on (who also was co-star with Jake Lloyd back in Jingle all the Way). After talking science fiction and other great projects and his work on Nobility we have Cas Anvar who joins us from the set of Olympus the upcoming Syfy Channel series (that sounds great). Cas talks about a variety of projects from working on Clone Wars to Assassins Creed to conventions. He also talks about being in award winning films such as Shattered Glass (with Hayden Christensen) and Argo (Academy Award winning film). 

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Aug 16, 2014

Episode 162: A Chat with KOTOR’s HK47 - Kristoffer Tabori

In this week's episode since the hosts are still on break we return to guest Kristoffer Tabori, first heard on Bombad Radion in 2012. For the first time this interview is all in one piece and together. Kristoffer Tabori is an award winning director, actor, and for Star Wars fans is BEST known as voicing HK-47 in the KOTOR series and The Old Republic. This has been a fan favorite for a very long time and those who have not heard this interview yet, its a perfect time now to listen to this classic Bombad Episode.

Aug 9, 2014

Cas Anvar ‘Altair’ is coming to Bombad Radio


He's been in films from Timeline to the Terminal to Source Code and Punisher Warzone. He has been in tv shows such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, 24, NCIS, and Neverland. In addition to those Cas Anvar is well known for video games, his biggest credits being Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Ahmad), Halo 4 (Dalton), and Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Altair ibn La-Ahad). Currently he is promoting his new Sci-Fi series/film Nobility in which he plays Captain Eric Cern in a cast which includes Walter Koenig, Adrienne Wilkinson, E.J. De La Pena, and Doug Jones.

We are extremely excited to have Cas Anvar on as our honored guest and fans of his video game work will undoubtably have questions for him and of course as a Star Wars fan, he having been in Clone Wars makes it an even bigger bonus!

Cas Anvar will be joining us this next week and will air August 23!

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